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Learn more about the issues Beth wants to fight for in Washington.

Our Home

I entered politics because Hawaii is my home, and I want to preserve what makes it special for generations to come.
As your voice in Congress, I will seek additional federal funding and changes to grant programs to address Hawaii’s housing crisis. Home ownership should not be out of reach for Hawaii’s families, but maintaining the status quo means our families will continue to be priced out of Hawaii. We need to do things differently.
At the same time, we need to seek federal solutions to fix our infrastructure—electrical grid, roads, alternative transportation routes, sewer, water, and more—which will lower our cost of living and improve our quality of life.
By addressing these issues and fostering a fair economy that helps low and middle income residents, I believe we can ensure our families, particularly our young people, can live, work and thrive in Hawaii.

Our World

Hawaii is the world’s proving ground for forward-thinking energy, sustainability and conservation initiatives. We have a responsibility to bring that experience to Congress to help protect our environment, preserve national monuments and drastically reduce our country’s reliance on fossil fuels.


At the most basic level, we must be willing to stand firm and speak strongly of our commitment to worldwide standards that address global climate change.

Our Lives

Born and raised in Hawaii, I know that tolerance and diversity build a stronger community – and a stronger nation. I was fortunate to grow up in a diverse and supportive environment, but many people in our nation still face grave challenges as a result of discrimination.

Today, voices rise up as more and more people show their support for women, immigrants, the LGBT community, young people, persons with disabilities, and people of diverse backgrounds. We have made great strides as a country, but there is more to do.

We must make a firm commitment that we will not permit backtracking on the rights and standards already established. I’m committed to protecting your rights – to safety, healthcare, marriage, education and choice as well as freedom from discrimination and tolerance for all faiths.

Your Government

Always remember, this is your government. This is your country. It doesn’t belong to special interests, or big business, or industrial giants. It belongs to you.
As your Congresswoman, I will put your interest first, and push back against the status quo and special interests that keep Hawaii and America from moving forward. I’ll give you access, share my time, and listen to your concerns. I will represent you.