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How Did Beth Fukumoto, Hawaii’s GOP Minority Leader, End Up Running In a Democratic Primary?

June 14, 2018


In a year when political analysts are focused on the unprecedented number of women running for office, nearly 80 percent of whom are Democrats, one candidate in Hawaii emphatically highlights the deep-rooted worry of Republican strategists over the polling trends among women and millennials in the age of Trump.

Beth Fukumoto: courage (and style) under fire

June 8, 2018


If you’ve ever faced public pressure for sticking to your principles, you will know how difficult it can be. For Hawaii state legislator Beth Fukumoto, staying true to herself meant leaving the Republican party and crossing the floor to the Democrats. It was a decision few elected politicians would even consider, let along follow through with, but backbone is something Fukumoto evidently has no shortage of.

Beth Fukumoto Takes Her Hunt For Campaign Cash To DC

May 15, 2018


Hawaii congressional candidate Beth Fukumoto, a state representative who gained fame when she switched parties last year, has spent the past several days in Washington, D.C., in an effort to boost her image and pump more cash into her campaign coffers.

Civil Beat's Announcement Interview

Ex-Republican Beth Fukumoto Wants to Be Hawai‘i’s Next Democratic Congresswoman

Mar 29, 2018


Mililani’s Beth Fukumoto earlier criticized President Donald Trump and left Hawai’i GOP.

Beth on Divided States of Women

Feb 8, 2018


Since the election of President Donald Trump, a record number of women have decided to run for office. The Center for Women and Politics at Rutgers University identified at least 79 women interested in running for national, state and local positions in the 2018 election.

But why does it matter if more women run for office? Does having more women in public office actually change women’s lives?

Turns out, yes. In this week’s episode of Divided States of Women, we go to Hawaii, the state with the largest numbers of women in public office. And it happens to be the best state for women, according to factors like health care access and the wage gap.

We also sit down with Hawaii Congress member Colleen Hanabusa and Rep. Beth Fukumoto to talk about anti-Trump activism and the pressures women experience when they run for office.


The Anti-Trump Wave May Position Hawaii to Lead Way on Work-Family Policies

Jan 18, 2018


In 2017, Hawaii celebrated the passage of the Kupuna (Elder) Care Act—a groundbreaking law in a legislative session that otherwise left many advocates disappointed. Yet Hawaii’s response to President Trump and his policies has turbo-charged the hopes of those working on a pro–working family agenda. Now, Hawaii legislators have their eyes set on paid family leave for all workers.

Hawaii Lawmaker Beth Fukumoto Resigning From Republican Party

Mar 24, 2017


On Wednesday, Hawaii lawmaker Beth Fukumoto submitted her resignation from the Republican Party with the intention of gaining membership as a Democrat, Reuters reports. She was previously removed from her position as the state’s House minority leader after she participated in the Women’s March and spoke out against President Donald Trump.

Hawaii Rep. Is Quitting Republicans Because She Objects To Racism

Mar 23, 2017


Hawaii State Representative Beth Fukumoto just announced her resignation from the Republican Party, after essentially being told by Republicans that her concern over a possible Muslim registry and numerous instances of Donald Trump’s hate speech wasn’t in line with party values. In a two-page letter and a video, Fukumoto says she has spent the past eight years trying to make the Republican party “a viable, relevant party in Hawaii,” but that “the GOP doesn’t want to change.”

Hawaiian Lawmaker Resigns From The Republican Party After Criticizing Trump | TIME

Mar 23, 2017

A Hawaii lawmaker Beth Fukumoto says she’s been pressured into resigning from the Republican party after criticizing President Donald Trump.

Hawaii Republicans, Down to Five Members in the State Legislature, Try to Regroup

Mar 23, 2017


Former Hawaii house minority leader Beth Fukumoto’s decision to join Democratic Party prompts state GOP officials to re-examine priorities

Hawaiian Republican Leader Beth Fukumoto to Leave GOP, Join Dems

Mar 23, 2017


Hawaiian Republican Leader Rep. Beth Fukumoto has officially announced her decision to leave the GOP. Fukumoto cited racism, sexism and xenophobia in the Republican party as the driving forces behind her decision.

The Republican who quit the party because of Trump

Mar 22, 2017


Beth Fukumoto was a leader in the Hawaii GOP. After being censured for speaking out against Trump, she’s now becoming a Democrat. Beth’s decision is a reflection of a Republican Party that is dying in Hawaii. If the GOP can’t survive in the most diverse state, can it survive in a changing America?

Rep. Fukumoto Receives Huge Support After Speaking Out Against Trump

Feb 21, 2017


Hawaii Rep. Beth Fukumoto, one of the state’s few Republican representatives, has received postcards from over the country after she spoke out against President Trump and announced that she’s considering switching parties.

Girls Have Goals

Feb 16, 2018


Beth Fukumoto, Beth is the youngest person to serve as the state of Hawaii House Minority Leader and was the youngest female caucus leader in the U.S. She is also the youngest person to serve as the House Minority Floor Leader and the Director of Research for the House Minority. She was awarded the James Madison Fellowship by the Millennial Action Project for her demonstrated success in transcending partisan lines.